5 Reasons to setup 3D Lab in your campus

DEVELOP Imagination & Visualization Skills

The main reason schools install 3D printers is to educate students on how to use computer-aided design (CAD) software to create products. 3D printing turns their designs into a reality thereby allowing students to touch and hold their designs and realize their creative natures.

INCREASE Student's Engagement Level

3D printers are an inimitable teaching tool, helping to facilitate better learning and create a more interactive classroom. We’ve heard examples of students using the technology who have said that it helps to retain their interest in the lesson for longer.

EQUIP Students for the Future

In areas such as Design and Technology, students actually gain extra marks in their coursework if they can demonstrate that they have used different manufacturing technologies.

Now that 3D printing technology is a staple of the manufacturing industry, it’s important that children are introduced at a young age to the technology and learn how to use it, in order to equip them for their careers.

IMPROVE Student's Problem Solving Skills

Children can use physical prototyping to help solve problems. By being able to see when they have failed to create the perfect object or design, they can quickly go back to the drawing board and improve on their initial plan.

MORE Affordability than you think

We are working harder to define best Quality/Price ratio thereby making a whole 3D Printing an affordable process.

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